Why an Energy Mag?
Addressing global energy stress

There are manifestations of increasing stress on energy supplies from a global economy that is outgrowing its support systems; many people have crossed the bridge in accepting the idea that there is going to be a need for restructuring the global energy economy. Alternative energy is emerging as a cornerstone of the new economy.

Africa’s energy contribution

Africa’s energy potential is vast, but is coupled with serious socio-economic issues that also need to be addressed. This publication aims to provide meaningful, technical and edifying information to educate the global energy community about prospective opportunities for energy generation (and related issues) in Africa and report on innovations and technologies.

Unbiased and independent platform

As an independent platform, we aim to publish alternative viewpoints and opinions to enrich our readers’ outlook and become an integral part of the knowledge sharing process. We will ask, and attempt to answer, some tough questions: What is Africa’s real need and capabilities? What policies and strategies can reasonably be implemented in Africa?


 If the information you seek relates to Africa, energy and the environment, www.25degrees.net will provide you with a smorgasbord of current, up-to-speed and incisive content dedicated to energy generation needs, moratoria and debates. 25° in Africa’s newly designed portal is dedicated to showcasing the magazine’s content, and all things energy related. It provides an at-a-glance overview of the Africa’s energy landscape, and also provides links to pertinent energy content, an updated business directory, reports and reviews and event announcements.

A virtual magazine

In a bid to save precious carbon miles, and lessen the amount of paper lugged across the ocean in print format, 25º in Africa, Africa’s Independent Energy Publication is now available as a VIRTUAL PUBLICATION online, also onwww.25degrees.net .

If you feel you have a contribution to make – let’s hear from you.

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