Why 25°?

25° is recognised as being the Standard Ambient Temperature (SAT). In relation to that, energy is needed to reach SAT in winter through various methods of heating, and in summer airconditioning and refrigeration are required in order to maintain these human comfort levels.

The problem is that in pursuing its quest for comfort the human animal is making huge if not unrealistic demands upon the Earth’s natural resources – in some cases depleting them beyond recovery.

If we are to continue without restriction, the equilibrium in nature might change to the extent that SAT will be increasingly more difficult to reach in future due to severe climate change. Global warming is but one of the many consequences of this hedonistic approach by the human race, and the warning signs are already there.

Meanwhile we intend to maintain an open forum on these issues, and if you have anything that is pertinent to our readership and the aims of the magazine, we would like to hear from you.

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