Why Water 360?

Niche energy publication, 25º in Africa, launched a new water magazine entitled Water 360. From June 2011, the water magazine is available as a flipside segment to 25º in Africa with plans to split off as a separate magazine later on.

Water issues and water management is a huge part of energy and sustainability, and a major focus worldwide, which makes it a great complementary publication for our existing energy title, 25º in Africa.

Water is one of the key focus areas for government, businesses and civil society as well as the general public for the future. Water 360, as the name suggests, will differ in its focus to competitors in that it will cover everything to do with water – from strategic water management planning
for municipalities to topical issues such as acid-mine drainage, water security and supply and local sanitation issues and new water technologies.

The aim of the publication is to disseminate relevant, topical information to key players in the market, bringing together decision-makers and marrying research, development, technologies and solutions and project funding.

Water 360 is a purposely tailored, independent, unbiased publication dedicated to the comprehensive coverage and meaningful reportage on all forms of water and related environmental impacts, technological advances and policy developments. We will cover the whole gamut of water issues, independently, fairly and without bias.

Water 360 features predominantly exclusive, own generated and sourced content, making it an unmissable read for all water engineers, utility managers, environmental officers and board members.

Topics we cover:

  1. Water filtration
  2. Dam management
  3. Solar water and heat pumps


  4. Water management solutions
  5. Water metering
  6. Water footprinting
  7. Minewater solutions acid-mine drainage
  8. Wastewater solutions
  9. Water storage solutions
  10. Water desalination
  11. Pumps and valves
  12. Ablution solutions
  13. Water resources
  14. Effect of climate change on water
  15. Water safety & testing
  16. Water CDP
  17. Water quality
  18. Software for the water industry
  19. Water watch in and around Africa
  20. Financing and social responsibility
  21. Innovations
  22. Blue and Green Drop Awards

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